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JUST START history

In 2017 Keisha Frowner was a keynote speaker at an event where she spoke on the topic " You can start where you are." After this event it was where Keisha started to think about helping others move forward in their purpose and that is when "Just Start" came to her. The foundation scripture for this vision is Habakkuk 2:2 which is also an inspiration from Keisha's testimony. In 2014 New Years Eve, Keisha wrote out her goal of becoming an published author after hearing a preacher that inspired her to move forward in life. In 2016 Keisha Frowner became a featured author in a compilation book and again in 2017. On April 8th 2019 is the day that the JUST START movement was announced. From that day Keisha would go to bookstores and the coffee shops to spread the message to others about journaling and writing the vision into action.


Education & Experience

I have over 14 years of experience in the workplace and bring valuable insight to help others make a difference on the job.


Focused on helping clients get results and moving forward in life.

hitting goals

I have the experience of working on a job and being able to pursue my goals at the same time.


Help you to be more effective in the way you work and do business.

Why Work with me?


Interested in working with me?

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